Safe, evidence based exercise programs for rebuilding after birth, with Exercise Specialists

Join our specialty post birth classes run by Exercise Physiologists on the NSW Central Coast and online

Join our specialty post birth classes run by Exercise Physiologists on the NSW Central Coast and online

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Rebuild your core and pelvic floor

Owner Alison Taylor is an accredited Exercise Physiologist with two kids herself who has been through the damages of childbirth and pregnancy. They studied the causes, implications, prevalence and treatment of incontinence and prolapse issues and want to help women return to exercise properly so that they too don’t become one of the stats with these serious issues.

Our programs

V-HAB 6 week course

This course is suited for anyone starting or restarting core rebuilding after birth. If you have a prolapse or have had other birth complications we will ensure that you exercise safely

Perfect for new mums or mums returning to exercise after an extended time away and would like to have a gentle guide

Advanced V-HAB and Bootcamp classes

This course is suited for those ready for an advanced, more intensive class and want guidance from a specialist, outdoor training, and/or have some injuries or post natal complications but still want to exercise

Perfect for those who have completed the V-HAB course, and anyone that wants guided training (even if you’re not a mum!)

What to bring

For every session, please bring:

  • A towel or mat (or both)

  • Any baby gear to help them sleep (carrier/pram etc)

All other equipment will be provided by V-HAB


  • Learn to engage your pelvic floor and core properly

  • Decrease your chances of incontinence and prolapse

  • Gain strength and confidence to return to exercise

  • Assist abdominal separation

  • Support your mental health, mood, and get back some of that long-lost energy

  • Collaboration with your Doctor & Physio for thorough post natal care & support

  • Maintain or improve your cardio fitness and strength

  • Lessen any back pain, pelvic pain and related complications

  • Weekly take home challenges to maximise your progress

  • Meet like minded mummas in the fresh outdoors.

  • A safe bridge back to exercise

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After Birth Rehab

Safely return to exercise after giving birth

V-Hab by Healthy Bumps is run by Exercise Physiologists and mums who specialise in rehab after birth. Whether vaginal or via caesarean section, birth is a major event that changes your body, impacting mothers to differing degrees. V-HAB is a dedicated program that focuses on pelvic floor rehabilitation and strength to have mums safely return to exercise after birth.

It is perfectly normal for women to experience pelvic floor, core conditions after birth as well as mental and physical body changes, it’s a huge event that we go through. With any huge event or some might say injury, we need proper rehabilitation to return the body back to its function, like we would with an ankle or other injury. VHABs mission is provide woman with that bridge back to exercise with the gradual, safe and gentle loading of the core that your body needs after pregnancy and birth. In doing this we aim to reduce the chances of prolapse, incontinence and injuries to the body as you rebuild and move into motherhood.

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