Return to exercise safely after giving birth

Vagina Rehab Program is run by Exercise Physiologists who are also mums. Statistics reveal that 1 in 4 Australian women have incontinence and/or prolapse, we’ll work with you to rebuild your core and pelvic floor in a safe and strategic return to exercise program.

Our V-HAB programs

Our exercise group currently meets in Holgate, Terrigal, Ettalong & Bateau Bay.

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V-HAB 6 Week Program

For those who have had a baby and are starting back or those needing to restarting by rebuilding deep core foundations

If you haven’t returned to exercise post birth or have just had a baby and want to do things properly to avoid incontinence and prolapse down the track, our initial six week V-HAB program is for you.

Our 6 week V-HAB program starts with very gentle rebuilding of deep core muscles and strength and has been safely designed in consultation with Women’s Health Physios. The program gives you the basic core engagement exercises to allow you to safely progress to your exercise goals.

Our classes are run outdoors, pending weather and bubs are welcomed/encouraged to attend. Our friendly Exercise Physiologists are excellent pram rockers!

Advanced V-HAB classes

Exercise Classes for those wanting expert guided exercise training in the outdoors

Following graduation from V-HAB, we also host a pelvic floor friendly classes where we work with your physio to properly progress you back into more rigorous exercise including running, jumping and lifting light weights or whatever goals you have for you and your body’s needs.

Classes include
Advanced VHAB: Mat Pilates for a core and pelvic floor focus building on that deep inner strength, with a fitness finisher
Pelvic floor friendly bootcamp: mat Pilates warm up with a 30 min cardio and strength session using all sorts of equipment and moves.
Boxing: focus on technique foundations for each new started until they are ready to progress to more complex and fun combos and routines in our sessions.

Similar to our 6 week program, V-Hab PF classes are run outdoors, pending weather and bubs are welcome.

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What to bring

For every session, please bring:

  • A towel or mat (or both)

  • Any baby gear to help them sleep (carrier/pram etc)

All other equipment will be provided by V-HAB

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