Rebuilding pelvic floor for Post Natal clients

A course for Exercise Physiologists

Course Dates:
Sunday MARCH 17th – NSW – Erina, Central Coast
Saturday MAY 25th – QLD – Gold Coast
Sunday June 16th – NSW – Erina, Central Coast
Saturday July 13th – VIC – Glen Iris, Melbourne
Price: $550
Time: 10am – 3:30pm

A course on how to confidently safely prescribe exercise to new mums

After this course you will:

  • confidently teach the core rehabilitation foundations for mums to start rebuilding as early as 6 weeks after both C section and Vaginal births
  • understand the injury rehabilitation requirements for the post natal period for each birth types and factors impacting recovery
  • identify imbalances in a post natal body and the options for safe exercise prescription for all goals and individuals
  • have the knowledge of how to prescribe for women with known conditions like prolapse, abdominal separation and other common post natal conditions
  • understand the prescreen requirements and assist in identifying the signs and symptoms needing referral on to other Allied Health services for multidisciplinary support

Plus you’ll be invited to quarterly check-ins for ongoing mentoring regarding prescriptions to your clients and to set up your post natal programs.


Understand the different birth injuries and pregnancy changes to the body to confidently prescribe safe exercise for new mums. We’ll tech you the WHY post natal training is different and HOW to safely rehabilitate back to full strength.


We’ll run you through a specific 6 weeks program to safely rebuild post natal clients. We’ll provide you with a play book to take home and use with your mum clients rehab. You’ll practice the moves, feel the differences in each others activation and learn to prescribe it others

Ongoing Mentoring

We have a quarterly group check-in for all your ongoing questions, advancements, client specific case study problem solves and help setting up the business side of group classes. We also offer 1:1 coaching sessions for those wanting a fast tracked approach.


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Sunday MARCH 17th
NSW – Erina, Central Coast

Saturday MAY 25th
QLD – Gold Coast

Sunday June 16th
NSW – Erina, Central Coast

Saturday July 13th
VIC – Glen Iris, Melbourne

What is VHAB?

V HAB is the tried tested and tweaked by both Senior Women’s Health Physiotherapists and our Allied Health network. A program to provide us as EPs with the perfect and safe first 6 weeks for women starting back to exercise after birth, and safe for as early as 5 weeks postpartum. This course provides the “why” with details of pregnancy body changes, types of births and the effect of these births on the body. The course then details the prescreening for signs and symptoms of common Postnatal concerns like post-natal depression, Pelvic organ prolapse and DRAM. Furthermore, we provide guidance on how to build a referral network to collaborate with Allied Health Professionals to give women the best support back to full health and strength. Lastly, we provide our full comprehensive playbook for the 6 weeks post-natal return to exercise program, movement by movement, week by week with all the modifications provided for all the common obstacles mums experience. The practical component is more than 50% of this course so you’ll walk away confident of what and how to coach your new mums through this rehabilitation program. This is real, practical education that you can’t learn online. You have to get on the ground and feel it and then learn how to cue it to mums with birth injuries.
There is now a high level of evidence in research supporting controlled and early core rehabilitation to manage and reduce long-term women’s health issues.

We can’t wait to give you all of our knowledge, tips and a detailed 6 week program to give you the confidence to provide mums all over Australia with safe and appropriate exercise prescriptions after birth. With the V HAB program, there’s no guessing what to do with mums, plus more mums will return to exercise properly, not feel pressure to “bounce back” and reduce the stats on long-term incontinence and pelvic health-related treatments. That is our aim, a safe bridge back to exercise for all new mums.