Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I start VHAB?2023-02-22T11:34:10+11:00

We recommend that you start VHAB once you’ve had your 6 week check to ensure there is no infection and healing is complete. You can start earlier if you feel ready to move as the first 2 weeks are extremely gentle.

My kids are older but i feel like I need to start from the beginning, can I do VHAB?2023-02-22T11:44:01+11:00

Absolutely. This is for those starting or restarting. We teach you how to activate the core and pelvic floor properly to build the foundations of a deep core strength.

I have a prolapse or other birth complications is this still safe to do this?2023-02-22T11:44:47+11:00

Yes. This program is developed with the guidance and endorsement of many of the Womens Health Physios on the coast.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?2023-02-22T11:45:14+11:00

No, however we recommend them having checked you after birth to ensure healing is on track and no infection is present.

Can I bring my children to all sessions?2023-02-22T11:45:44+11:00

Yes for sure. We help as much as possible with rocking prams and holding babies so you can focus. You are welcome to bring bouncers carriers or whatever you need to keep bub happy.

I’m worried my baby will cry the whole time and not get anything done2023-02-22T11:46:17+11:00

If it doesn’t work out for you after trialling it we can refund the remaining classes that you’ve missed. Most people bring babies so you’ll see others at the same part of the journey as you are. We are able to help hold babies or rock prams as much as we can too.

Are the classes safe for pregnancy?2023-02-22T11:48:03+11:00

Yes. These are fantastic for pregnancy. Our VHAB program with give you that core focus to maintain that core strength going into birth and our bootcamp classes will give you that overall body strength and fitness. All exercises can be modified to suit pregnancy and any related obstacles/pains that pregnancy throws at you.

Do you have partnerships with local Womens Health Physios?2023-02-22T11:49:03+11:00

We do not affiliate with any Women’s Health Physios but we have met many around the coast and Know the difference in their experience and qualifications and manner. So we can help you find the best suited one for your needs and location. We also coordinate closely with many to collaborate on the patients needed depending on any conditions/restrictions/issues diagnosed during treatment and our sessions to get the best for you.

What happens if it rains?2023-02-22T11:49:30+11:00

Most of our venues have undercover. If not we will contact you on the morning of the session to move to undercover or if very bad weather it may go onto ZOOM

How long are the sessions?2023-02-22T11:49:55+11:00

45 mins long. Occasionally we go over but we try to start right on time and end 45 mins after to not mess around your schedules.

What if I’m late or miss a session or have to leave early?2023-02-22T11:50:29+11:00

We have many sessions running during the week and around the coast. If you’re late, miss one or have to leave early, or your baby doesn’t let you complete much of the session, you are welcome to come to another one. Just contact us to help you find the best one to suit you when you’re ready.

What do I need to bring?2023-02-22T11:50:50+11:00

Bring a towel, water, a mat and anything needed to entertain bub. Generally mums will go for coffee after too.

Is this training good to help me control my bladder?2023-02-22T11:51:19+11:00

If you are having incontinence symptoms the best thing is to see a Women’s Health Physio to understand the cause. Then YES, the physio can help us understand what’s needed for your body to help manage and treat your dysfunction.

Do you offer unlimited sessions?2023-02-22T11:51:45+11:00

We can arranged this at a discounted rate if you prefer unlimited.

How do I contact you if I can no longer attend a session?2023-02-22T11:54:57+11:00

You can message us on insta, facebook, email info@healthybumps.com or rebook on Mindbody.

How do I book the classes?2023-02-22T12:02:19+11:00

We have recently moved to Mindbody which you can find in the App store on your phone or at www.mindbodyonline.com. You can search VHAB on there to find us and look at our schedule.

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Do you offer a free trial?2023-02-22T12:02:51+11:00

We don’t but if start a program or a class and don’t enjoy it or can’t continue we can refund your money. As we are Accredited Exercise Physiologists we are confident in our evidenced based program and experience.

How many people will be at each class?2023-02-22T12:03:13+11:00

VHAB we have 8 people max but generally 6. Advanced and Bootcamp is Max 10.

Are the instructors fully qualified?2023-02-22T12:03:43+11:00

Yes. we are the highest level of Exercise Professionals. Al and Ness are Exercise Physiologists and Marcela studied Physiotherapy in Brazil and is a mum safe qualified Personal Trainer in Australia.

I haven’t/never exercised in a long time, are there beginner classes?2023-02-22T12:04:25+11:00

Yes. It’s best to start with VHAB and get the basics for core connection again then move to the more advanced VHAB and Bootcamp.

I don’t know where to start2023-02-22T12:04:48+11:00

Yes. It’s best to start with VHAB and get the basics for core connection again then move to the more advanced VHAB and Bootcamp.

What can I expect from a VHAB session?2023-02-22T12:05:43+11:00

In the VHAB program we teach you how to properly engage your pelvic floor and core. We then build on this every week gradually as your bodies strength rebuilds. Throughout the program we also kickstart the shoulders, back and leg strength as we incorporate safe and gentle whole body moves into the program.

Do you offer 1 on 1 sessions?2023-02-22T12:06:19+11:00

Yes, you can contact us to arrange this. As we are Exercise Physiologists you can claim a rebate on your Private Health Insurance.

Do you offer mums and dads sessions?2023-02-22T12:06:38+11:00

We can arrange this yes.

Where are the sessions held?2023-02-22T12:07:09+11:00

In the outdoor parks at Terrigal Haven, Avoca Oval, Sth Kincumber, Ettalong and Bateau Bay. We also have some indoor at Killarney Vale and Holgate.

Are there online classes?2023-02-22T12:07:36+11:00

If its raining and sometime during winter.

Does the schedule change?2023-02-22T12:08:15+11:00

The VHAB 6 week course is scheduled regularly or on request. Classes are rolling and can change depending on demand, interest or seasons of the year.

I can’t find a VHAB course that suits me?2023-02-22T12:08:42+11:00

Contact us and we’ll schedule a new block for you and build a group from there

My Mother’s group are keen to do the course together?2023-02-22T12:09:07+11:00

Contact us directly and we’ll schedule a new block at a time day and location that suits your group.

We heard about your challenges?2023-02-22T12:09:34+11:00

We hold 3-4 challenges per year with lots of inclusions and extras as a way to help mums kickstart back into a routine and find their passion and goals for the future. If you’re interested you can contact us to find out when the next is and register your interest.

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