Programs for pre- and post-natal rehab

Our post-natal programs

V-HAB 6 week course

This course is suited for anyone starting or restarting core rebuilding after birth. If you have a prolapse or have had other birth complications we will ensure that you exercise safely

Perfect for new mums or mums returning to exercise after an extended time away and would like to have a gentle guide

Advanced V-HAB and Bootcamp classes

This course is suited for those ready for an advanced, more intensive class and want guidance from a specialist, outdoor training, and/or have some injuries or post natal complications but still want to exercise

Perfect for those who have completed the V-HAB course, and anyone that wants guided training (even if you’re not a mum!)

Our pre-natal program

Healthy Bumps

With a focus on evidence based, pregnancy-appropriate cardio and strength, the Healthy Bumps classes give participants the chance to go at their own pace, and work as little or as much as they please.