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5 tips to keep moving during isolation from an Exercise Physiologist

Published On: 16 April 2020

5 tips to keep moving during isolation from an Exercise Physiologist – professional in exercise prescription

So, we’re in isolation. No more gym access, your classes are cancelled and it doesn’t help that the excuse of being pregnant is pulling for more couch time.

It’s no secret that moving helps the short and long term health of you and your growing bub.

So how can you keep moving in this new world of isolation and home workouts?

  1. Plan – It’s so easy for the day to run away from you. If you schedule in your exercise around your work, toddler commitments, partners schedule, you’re much more likely to stick to it. LIVE classes are a good way to lock in times as if you were attending an actual class.
  2. Routine – whether you’re a routine girl or not, it’s the best way to get in a rhythm. Pick the best times and days and write it in your diary or calendar, so that it’s a weekly routine. Try it and adjust as you go until you find a good routine.
  3. Partner – Do you struggle to motivate yourself to workout solo? So do a lot of people. Try to get your partner or family member to come with you for a walk or do an exercise session together. If you’re not isolating with a partner or family member, meet a friend to do a non-contact session in a park. There’s also lots of online LIVE sessions that you can lock into with a friend as if you were meeting at a gym class.
  4. Experts – don’t just do anyone’s program. It needs to be pregnancy specific and preferably from an Exercise Physiologist who study pregnancy changes to the body. Most importantly you don’t want to hurt the developing bub! But also, pregnancy is not the time to injure yourself as its very hard to recover from.
  5. Progressive Goals – The Royal College of Australia and New Zealand Obstetrics and Gynaecology recommend 5 days of 30 mins exercise every week. However many days of exercise you are doing now, increase it by one day every fortnight.

If you need a hand, we have a sweet program to help motivate you and ensure you’re doing safe exercise. It is a new program to the market and most importantly we’re Exercise Physiologists, not Personal Trainers. We also have LIVE sessions as if you’re attending a gym class but it’s pregnancy specific sessions. Our team very accessible and can chat to you via phone or social media if you need help with your program.

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