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Tips for pregnancy from Mums who have been there

Published On: 20 August 2020

We picked our favourite 7 tips for pregnancy (from Mums who have been there):

Whether you are pregnant for the first time, or fourth time, it always helps to hear what other women have found helpful. We asked some new mums for their honest top tips. Here’s some from Mums who have just been there.

  1. Be informed, but plan not to have a plan. Things can be completely out of your control, so best not to have a rigid plan and be disappointed when things don’t work out as you expect.
  2. I had a breakdown with my first at 20 weeks. I was so sick and could barely get out of bed. And then I saw that Serena Williams won the Aussie open when she was pregnant! My husband reminded me that while it seemed like I was doing nothing, I was in fact growing a human and my body was doing a million things to do that. So my best advice is to just do what you can – breathing every day is a win!
  3. One thing I learnt was to stop using Dr Google. I was reading lots of horror stories and googling always made me think the worst. I had to stay away to remain positive for my own health and my twins.
  4. Read all the parenting books you want, if it makes you feel prepared… but remember that bubba hasn’t read any of them and will do things the way that he/she is already programmed to do! That’s when your instincts will be more useful that what you may read in a book.
  5. The top one that I ignored was to look after myself. You will have absolutely no ‘me-time’ for a long while so make the most of it!
  6. Don’t feel too bad about screen time to rest when you are pregnant with another child to look after (my daughter decided to start fighting naps when I was heavily pregnant and I had terrible insomnia).
  7. Everyone will give you advice, take some of it on board, but at the end of the day remember that you know your body and your baby better than anyone!

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